I have had a strong love and passion for the game of baseball for over 20 years. My intentions are to have this blog be a way for me to share my views and insight on the great sport of baseball. While I do have my favorite teams and players, I will try to evenly cover the entire sport.

Thanks to all your support, this blog has lead me to be able to write professionally. In fact here’s a quick snapshot of all the places I have written for over the years:

Most Valuable Network (MVN) ~ I broke in with them covering and scouting the minor leagues with my column “Minor Detials”. I then started covering the Minnesota Twins writing their column “Twins Killings” and their MiLB Twins column “Twins in the Hole”. My Twins coverage while writing for MVN was eventually picked up as a daily feed on SI.com (Sports Illustrated) which in turn helped my readership explode.

Baseball Digest Daily ~ For BDD I was once again covering both Major League and Minor League Baseball. I did analysis, scouting and even received my press credentials in order to cover the Twins up close and personal for the 2008 season. This brought me closer to the pros than I’ve ever been before which gave me an even greater insight.

Bleacher Report ~ For BR I was a columnist covering the Texas Rangers. Through BR my Rangers coverage was eventually picked up by The Houston Chronicle giving me an even larger audience.

Examiner.com ~ This has been my most recent job where I have been working as a columnist once again covering the Minnesota Twins.

In addition to being a columnist at the above sites, I’ve also had the honor of having my work featured at MLB.com, SI.com (Sports Illustrated), The Hardball Times and The Houston Chronicle.

I can’t thank you readers enough for continuing to read and discuss baseball with me over the course of The Diamond Cutter as well as following me on my journey around the web. I love nothing more than discussing, debating, and writing about baseball. So I hope you continue to do so on here as well as where ever this adventure takes me. As always, please make sure to share with me any of your baseball blogs as I’m always thirsty for more views and opinions on baseball.

Many of you know that being a baseball journalist has always been a dream of mine so the chances to write for such prominent companies is truly an incredible opportunity for me and I couldn’t be more excited.

Once again, thanks for all your support!

Matthew Whipps
Major and Minor League Baseball Columnist
Blog: The Diamond Cutter
Twitter: @matthewwhipps

2 Responses to About

  1. Mike McGann says:

    As someone who’s been a professional journalist, it appears you have a great deal of talent. I’m starting a new national baseball blogging site: bloggerball.com…which we expect will have a pretty large audience. Also, a word of caution: be careful whose photos you use, as some right’s holders can be obnoxious. I was the foudning editor of Gotham Baseball magazine and have some 20,000 photos I shot — and they pop up on the Web a lot (I merely ask that they be credited) but I know other people have sued over such things, so be wary.

  2. Hello :) Thanks for the comment over on Yankees Chick – – – your writing is great; I’m really enjoying your blog!!! Keep up the good work :)

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