Thome Slugging in Target Field?

Jim Thome has been the biggest Twin killer of them all over the past decade (Keith Allison/Flickr).

I’ve seen numerous reports this afternoon popping up around the Internet that the Minnesota Twins may be close to signing the veteran slugger Jim Thome.

Not only would this type of a signing be uncharacteristic of the normally frugal Twins, but it would also make a very left handed heavy lineup even heavier. The Twins currently have an abundance of lefties including Denard Span, Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau and Justin Kubel in their starting lineup.

It’s unclear whether Thome would slide into their DH role (which would surely bump Delmon Young to the bench) or if he would simply play a major role off their bench.

The Twins have most likely jumped in on Thome due to the declining dollar amounts in the free agent market and possibly the fact that Thome has been a Twin killer over the years. In only 662 career at-bats against the Twins, Thome has posted a .311/.410/.628 line with 57 HR and 142 RBI. Now that’s a vicious thrashing he’s given them over the years.

The bottom line is as a lifetime die hard Twins fan, a Jim Thome signing would shock me only to follow that up with a big smile.

5 Responses to Thome Slugging in Target Field?

  1. down with chris says:

    It would be awesome to have a legitimate (yet old) slugger as the Twins’ Designated Hitter. Too many years have gone by with a platoon DH which included the likes of Mike Redmond and [insert whoever wasn’t playing in the outfield or was bumped by Nick Punto in the infield].

    Although not quite on the same level, this smacks of the Brett Favre to Minnesota story: one of the most hated rivals coming to help an almost-there team go big-time.

    Pre-game at the new Target Field will be just that more spectacular with Thome swinging for the skyways… especially if we could find Rick Reed and have him through batting practice to Jim.

  2. Couldn’t have said it any better myself. I think adding a big name like this (no matter how old) who can still rake is a great idea as our bench lacks any sort of punch.

    (By the way I still love that name).

  3. Chris says:

    What would this mean for Delmon Young? Would it throw Kubel out in LF more often?

  4. jjswol says:

    I just can’t believe the Twins would sign Thome. There is no spot for him on the team other then pinch hitter, and that would make it even tougher for Gardy to manage as he always complains he does not have enough bench players and to add a guy that can’t play a position make no sense at all. I like Thome and he has killed the Twins in the Dome but this is a whole different ballgame here. This must be someones idea of a joke.

  5. Personally I would like to see it happen. I can’t stand Delmon Young as I believe he is a liability/lazy in the outfield and underachieving/inconsistent at the plate. Now I’m not saying Kubel is going to win a gold glove any time soon, but I’d much rather have Thome’s bat in the lineup.

    Of course the downside to all of this is waaaaaaaaaay too many lefties in the lineup.

    Now I’d much rather see the Twins throw that money at Miguel Tejada (whose price has dropped) as we could use him at third base and he’d be another right handed bat.

    I can’t handle another year of mediocre platoon players at third…

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