Phillies, Blanton Avoid Arbitration with 3-Year Deal

Blanton has been "Mr. Consistency" during his stretch with the A's and Phillies (scot2342/Flickr). “The Phillies just announced the team has reached a three-year extension with pitcher Joe Blanton worth $24 million. Blanton, who was set to be a free agent after the 2010 season, had requested $10.25 million in salary arbitration.”

Diamond Cutter Spin: Well I can’t argue with this decision as the Phillies make a solid baseball decision by locking Joe Blanton (12-8, 4.05 ERA, 163 K in 31 starts) down for three more years. The nice thing about Blanton is that not only is he an innings eater (averaging 203.2 innings per year over past five years since becoming a starter) which the Phillies desperately need due to their weakened bullpen but he is also the model of consistency winning between 12-16 wins four of past five seasons with an ERA right around four.

Blanton is the type of pitcher every club should clamor for. He’s as solid a number three guy in your rotation as you can ask for and has been healthy ever since becoming a starter with Oakland back in 2005. Plus this also solidifies their rotation for the next three seasons as their top four starters are all locked up through 2012.

The Phillies are definitely the team to beat in the NL East once again in 2010.

One Response to Phillies, Blanton Avoid Arbitration with 3-Year Deal

  1. I’m surprised to hear some analysts not liking this deal as they feel the market has allowed for cheaper one-year deals to be had and that they over payed for Blanton.

    I disagree with this as just because this year saw cheaper deals doesn’t mean next year will see the same outcome. Plus there are other guys like Pineiro and Marquis who were paid off one decent year while Blanton has put together a string of solid seasons.

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