MLB Hot Stove: Milton Bradley & The Cubs

Bradley's temper has always been an issue (SD Dirk/Flickr).

It appears as if the Chicago Cubs are financially handcuffed until they find a team to take outfielder Milton Bradley and his cumbersome multi-year contract off their hands.

The Cubs would love to bring in a free agent centerfielder to run around Wrigley next season but are unable to unless they can get the noose that is the 2-year, $20 million contract off from around their neck.

Chicago has a few players on their radar including free agents Coco Crisp, Scott Podsednik, Rick Ankiel, Marlon Byrd and Mike Cameron as well as their main target via trade in Detroit Tiger Curtis Granderson.

There unfortunately aren’t too many suitors that would be willing to take on Bradley along with this difficult contract and obnoxious attitude. One such team that may be able to make something work would be the New York Mets who themselves have been trying to unload Luis Castillo for a few years. This may be their only hope as not too many teams are willing to take that leap of faith anymore with Bradley.

If they can get a deal done to get Bradley out of town, they will pursue these players hard in order to fill a gaping hole in center.


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