Fish Must Now Trade Johnson

Johnson is 22-6 since coming back from Tommy John. (wallyg/Flickr)

ESPN News: Contract negotiations between righthander Josh Johnson and the Florida Marlins appear to be done for the winter as neither side could come to an agreement. The Marlins didn’t want to go with anything longer than three-years and the Johnson camp wanted four-years which means it is the end of the road for the two after the 2010 season.

Diamond Cutter Spin: If I were running the Marlins I would give him the four-years he is looking for as he is a stellar young pitcher. But I know the way the Marlins do business and part of me thinks they had no intention of giving him the contract he is looking for so that they can trade him and at least say they tried. The question now becomes who will they trade him to? The line of teams will begin forming especially if Johnson is willing to do a sign and trade deal with whatever club is able to snag him.

Tomorrow I will post my scouting report on Josh Johnson and give you an inside look at why he is worth the money.


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