Joe MVP (Keith Allison/Flickr)

ESPN News: In an almost unanimous decision, the baseball analysts over at ESPN have chosen Joe Mauer as the 2009 American League Most Valuable Player. 20 of the 22 voters picked Mauer as the man they believe should win the award when it is announced tomorrow at 2PM EST.

Diamond Cutter Spin: I couldn’t agree more with the choice of Joe Mauer for MVP. As someone who watches the Twins all season long, I can’t tell you enough how much he has improved at the plate (if that was possible) with his addition of power and just an awe inspiring presence at the plate. But the fact that two voters chose someone other than him makes me scratch my head.

Yes, I’ll admit Mark Teixeira had a good season. But not as good as Mauer. Then there is the idea of Derek Jeter winning it which I believe to be completely out of the question. It seems year after year we hear the discussion of Jeter being an AL MVP candidate and I can’t find any logical justification. I know he’s a solid player and a great hitter but I don’t believe it’s worthy of being crowned with the league’s most prestigious award.

Mauer was the best hitter in the AL this year and if you removed him from the Twins they would have had zero chance to win the division. That’s more than you can say about either of the other two.


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