Red Holliday

What color jersey would Holliday look best in? (Maegs/Flickr)

What color jersey would Holliday look best in? (Maegs/Flickr)

While the trade deadline is still over a month away, teams with holes to fill are already starting to sniff around some of the remains of teams that have all but fallen out of the race.

The names of the impact bats that may be available this summer are beginning to dwindle due to injuries which will end up making the cost of the ones remaining climb.

With the injury to Xavier Nady looking more grim the Yankees now can’t afford to part with a Nick Swisher and with the inevitable need for surgery for Adrian Beltre (bone spurs in his shoulder) along with a big price tag, teams will most likely be hesitant to pull the trigger and part with prospects. So who is it that teams are coveting?

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