Cubs’ Woes Not a Mystery

Soriano needs to move from the leadoff spot (team doster/Flickr).

Soriano needs to move from the leadoff spot (team doster/Flickr).

Just like every year, the Chicago Cubs have had very high expectations from both the organization and its fans. They went out and made the moves they thought would be the deciding factors in the NL Central.

This has not been the case.

The fact of the matter is the Cubs have underachieved greatly here in 2009 in a division that is begging for someone to take command. As it stands on the morning of June 23, the Cubs are currently sitting alone in third place with a mediocre 34-32 record, a mere 2.5 games out of first place. The playoffs are hardly out of reach but at this point, it should hardly be their main concern.

Right now what the Cubs have to do is figure out how to fix some of the many, many things that are broken. If you watch the Cubs closely (I admit I am a fan) or even take a look at their roster closely, it’s no wonder why they are struggling. It’s because of this that some comments I have heard recently from commentators on sports networks even more confusing…

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One Response to Cubs’ Woes Not a Mystery

  1. humblecubsfan says:

    The team just doesn’t seem to have a heart. That’s what DeRosa provided.

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