BDD Week in Review

Im baaaaack!

I'm baaaaack!

In case anyone missed the announcement last week, I am back writing at Baseball Daily Digest again after almost a year off. I am proud and excited to be back with one of the most popular and respected baseball sites on the Internet. I couldn’t be more excited to be back writing with such big industry names as Geoff Young, Bill Chuck, Bill Baer and of course the big boss, Joe Hamrahi.

The past couple of days BDD (Baseball Daily Digest) has been changing servers and had occasional interruptions in their site. Because of this I wanted to give you a quick recap of some of the bigger articles I wrote for them over the past week. I will always let you know when there is a new BDD content up written by me on here as well as if you follow me on Twitter.

This week’s lineup was full of breaking down players, both statistically and mechanically, and seeing just why they were either succeeding or failing compared to their expectations.

The Adam Jones Diaries – This article takes a look at the sudden explosion of Adam Jones and if this is just a hot start or if he can continue on this torrid pace.

The Wright Way – This article analyzes just what is going on with David Wright and his missing power. I take a detailed look at his statistics and exactly what they mean for the third baseman.

The Mysterious Disappearing Joba – This article breaks down Joba Chamberlain with the help of PitchF/X and exactly what happened to the dominating fireballer and if he is already on the decline in his young career.

Matthew Whipps is a writer for Baseball Daily Digest and co-writes the new blog The Minnesota Sports Guys. If you would like to contact him via email you can reach him at whipps15[at]


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