Top Prospect #13: Elvis Andrus

NAME: Elvis Andrus
POSITION: Shortstop

MiLB .295 82 65 54 .350 .367

Scouting Report: Some scouts have been down on Andrus saying he hasn’t developed offensively like they have hoped. I don’t think they are looking close enough at his numbers from last year as he got better progressively throughout the 2008 season and finished with a strong average. He possesses all plus tools except power which isn’t a big deal considering he looks to be the lead off hitter of the future for the Rangers. He is a very smooth ballplayer and you can see that in the way he conducts his business on the field from his swing all the way to the way he handles himself in the field. He’s an incredible runner and has really mastered the art of stealing bases. But what really has garnered him the most attention is his defense. He has a ton of range, soft hands and an accurate cannon for an arm. He looks to make the Rangers’ club this season and has a solid mentor in Omar Vizquel to help him adapt.

By Matthew Whipps
The Diamond Cutter
Major & Minor League Baseball Columnist

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4 Responses to Top Prospect #13: Elvis Andrus

  1. E K says:

    I’m more on the side of people who aren’t as high on him. I think he still strikes out too often to be a good leadoff hitter. And while he does steal bases, he does get caught quite often. Even in the Winter League he only stole 6 bases in 10 attempts.

    I think another few years in the minors is what he needs and the fact he won’t get that opportunity is really going to stunt his growth. I see him being a huge flop this year and landing back in the minors before the break.

  2. I think he has the skill set to be a fantastic lead off hitter given the right amount of time. I agree with you and think if the Rangers were smart they’d give him another year in AAA to see how he does. He showed a lot of improvement as the year went along and if he can keep the OBP high enough he will be just fine.

  3. Mike says:

    He is the next Edgar Renteria and the Teixeira trade is going to be worse than the Expos Colon trade.

    Feliz: Ace, could be another Pedro
    Andrus: Edgar Renteria, AS SS
    Salty: Could still be a great Catcher
    Harrison: Solid 4th starter who will be around for a long time.
    Jones: Could stick as a Setup man and is more valuable as a lefty.

  4. E K says:

    Trying to remember what he Colon trade was. Was that Sizemore, Phillips, and Cliff Lee? Not sure any deal will ever top that one in terms of the talent they gave up.

    Feliz could be an ace.
    Andrus: I like, but not a ton.
    Salty: Wasn’t a fan with the Braves and less of one now. He’ll be a reserve.
    Don’t know much about the other two.

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