Top Prospect #15: Mike Stanton

NAME: Mike Stanton
POSITION: Right Field
ORGANIZATION: Florida Marlins

MiLB .293 89 39 97 .381 .611

Scouting Report: Stanton’s plus plus raw power is, for a lack of a better word, incredible. Perhaps the most powerful bat in all of the minors, what sets him apart from other power hitting prospects is that their power is usually projected, his is already here. He’s a big kid who fits into the prototypical right fielder/clean-up hitter mold. He has shown a lot of growth in the field thanks to his strong work ethic and dedication to getting better. He has improved not only in the field, but also at the plate as he has worked to fill some big holes in his swing. It can get long at times which leads to a lot of strikeouts. In fact a perfect comparison that I use with Stanton is that of Adam Dunn. Both fit into the same risk and reward categories with each at bat resulting in a homer, a walk or a strikeout. Since I’m a fan of Dunn, I am definitely a fan of Stanton and can’t wait to see him hitting behind Hanley Ramirez for years to come.

By Matthew Whipps
The Diamond Cutter
Major & Minor League Baseball Columnist | Facebook

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3 Responses to Top Prospect #15: Mike Stanton

  1. E K says:

    Stanton is interesting, but I’m not sure I would compare him to Dunn. Even in the minors Dunn was pretty close to a 1:1 walk to K ratio. Stanton needs to improve a lot in that area before I’d get real excited. Not saying he can’t get there, but right now he doesn’t have it.

    He definitely has the power though….

  2. He definitely isn’t at the Dunn level yet with the walks, but he has shown strong progress in his plate discipline. Right now he is in the homer or strikeout area with some walks thrown in.

    I think if he can build on his plate discipline, he will get there.

    Of course I always get a kick out of Dunn critics who say he walks too much or takes too many pitches at times that he could theoretically drive. Then they turn around and complain he strikes out too much. Can’t have it both ways.

  3. E K says:

    Yep. I think the Reds did some damage to Dunn when they tried to make him be more aggressive. There is nothing wrong with him striking out and walking 100 times per season.

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