Top Prospect #16: Andrew McCutchen

NAME: Andrew McCutchen
POSITION: Center Field
ORGANIZATION: Pittsburgh Pirates

MiLB .283 75 9 50 .372 .398

Scouting Report: McCutchen is an exciting five tool player who has been unfortunately rushed through the Pirates system. He hasn’t been able to fully develop at each level and instead of staying put and working on his skills, he has been pushed through. McCutchen has a great glove in center and despite his great defensive prowess, his impact bat may be his best skill. McCutchen has quick hands, strong wrists and a compact swing which produces a surprising amount of power for someone of his stature. He is a line drive hitter thanks to his quick bat speed and is able to hit consistently to all fields. His power hasn’t fully developed as expected, but that still has time to grow. Still learning to use his speed effectively on the bases but once he does, look out. Hopefully they give him a chance to slow things down and get his feet under him before it’s too late.

By Matthew Whipps
The Diamond Cutter
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2 Responses to Top Prospect #16: Andrew McCutchen

  1. E K says:

    The real question though is WILL THEY slow him down this season? He’s already proven he can hit AAA pitching. His walk to strike out ratio is excellent for a kid his age. His defense is very good. The only thing it seems he needs to work on is his base running (I agree that the power will come).

    So do they Pirates let him start and play everyday on the big league club in 2009? Or do they let him start the season in AAA again and then call him up in June?? I think they’d really be smarter giving him the every day job in centerfield to start the season. And even if he struggles just let him learn at the major league level for the entire season. The Pirates aren’t going anywhere, and it’s too late too slow him down at this point.

    If given 500 mlb at bats I think he could post: .270 avg .340 oba .400 slg. 30 sb

    I’m anxious to see what he can do…..I’m more anxious to see what Rasmus can do with the Cards….

  2. I really don’t have an answer for this. On one hand I think they should give him some more time in AAA as he is just too valuable to this organization’s future. Plus he could focus on his base running and learning to use his lower half of his body more to generate power (that’s the only thing missing in his power development). On the other hand their previous regime is the one that forced him up and what’s done is done and he should just be given the job to see what he can do.

    I really am torn on this one. I just don’t think the majors is the place to be learning to steal bases and learning to use the lower half of your body to generate more power.

    Oh well.

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