Super Arbitration Tuesday

Today brought an onslaught of one-year deals throughout Major League Baseball as 42 players agreed to terms with their teams.

Howard is making it clear he wants to get paid (phillenium1979).

Howard is making it clear he wants to get paid (phillenium1979).

Among them were Pirates first baseman Adam LaRoche for $7.05 million, Dodgers catcher Russell Martin for $3.9 million and reliever Jonathan Broxton for $1.825 million, Yankees outfielders Xavier Nady for $6.55 million and Melky Cabrera for $1.4 million, Mariners pitcher Erik Bedard for $7.75 million and Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon who set a record for a closer’s arbitration (set just days earlier by Bobby Jenks) at $6.25 million.

In the midst of all these signings was the bomb Ryan Howard dropped on the Phillies with his request of $18 million in salary arbitration. This was the third highest figure ever submitted since the process began in 1974 with Derek Jeter ($18.5 million in 2001) and Roger Clemens ($22 million in 2005) being the only two higher.

The Phillies have offered $14 million making the two sides still a ways off. Howard is coming off a season in which he hit 48 homers and drove in 146 RBI while helping the Phillies win their first World Series title since 1980. He makes a very strong case for himself with the gaudy numbers he puts up and already has an arbitration win last season when he was awarded $10 million from the Phillies.

Right now it’s up in the air which side will come out on top of this one and neither Howard nor the Phillies look to be in any sort of hurry to lock in a long term deal.

By Matthew Whipps
The Diamond Cutter
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7 Responses to Super Arbitration Tuesday

  1. I don’t see the Phillies dishing out the kind of money Howard wants long term. It’s a shame too as it won’t be easy for them to replace his mashing ability.

    If they don’t sign him, they better make sure they trade him so they can get optimal return on him.

  2. Mike says:

    Ryan Howard…(Whiff)…isn’t he (Whiff) the same guy (Whiff) that looked remarkably (Whiff) like me at the (Whiff) plate the first (Whiff) half of last (Whiff) season??

    That being said- if LaRoche is worth 7M, Howard’s worth 16.

  3. Nicely done.

    Yeah Howard’s asking price is getting closer and closer to Teixeira and A-Rod money and while Howard has incredible power, unless that average gets a little higher than that of a role player’s, he can’t demand as much money.

    If Howard is worth $18M, I’m worth $2M.

  4. On a side note Mike, could you shoot me a quick email to I have a question I wanted to ask you.

    Thank you kind sir.

  5. E K says:

    OT: With the Ricketts getting the Cubs (assuming MLB signs off on it), how do you think this will effect the Cubs??

    From my understanding, Ricketts is a die hard Cubs fan. And he was quoted as saying the first thing he would do is go get Peavy. I’m hoping that quote is true……

  6. I see him going out after Peavy with full guns blazing. He’s going to give the Padres what they want to get him here especially at what a cheap (relative to the market and considering he’s one of the top three pitchers in the game) price he will be for the next few years.

    That’s a scary rotation if he ends up there…

  7. E K says:

    Only scary if Harden’s shoulder isn’t as bad as it seems. And as a Cubs fan, it’s hard to assume anything other then the worst. I can’t wait to read about Harden and the “towel drills”!!!

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