Top Prospect #21: Mat Gamel

NAME: Mat Gamel
POSITION: Third Base
ORGANIZATION: Milwaukee Brewers

MiLB .329 96 19 97 .396 .538

Scouting Report: Gamel has had a very consistent professional career so far and has shown he can handle himself at the plate with a fantastic, pure swing. With a good eye at the plate, Gamel has the ability to hit to all fields and is a doubles machine. It appears as if the Brewers are drafting players with little concern for their defensive abilities (most recently Matt LaPorta and Ryan Braun) but it has worked out pretty well for them so far. Gamel just doesn’t have the footwork or the accuracy for the hot corner and with a slew of players without skill positions it should be interesting to see where he winds up. Of course with the way this kid can hit, they will find a spot for him somewhere.

By Matthew Whipps
The Diamond Cutter
Major & Minor League Baseball Columnist | Facebook

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2 Responses to Top Prospect #21: Mat Gamel

  1. Mike says:

    Ok, so Gamel won’t end up at third, he won’t be in left, and Hart seems solid in right. So, we’re left with first (If the Fielder rumors are true) and DH. If he ends up playing either, where does he stand as an offensive force? I don’t see him as having Braun-power, but somewhere between Braun and Mark Grace???

  2. If he can keep hitting consistently for both average and some power, he can fit into a Edgar Martinez-esque DH type. Now I thought Edgar was a great hitter so I don’t want to draw too many comparisons, but he’s the only one I can think of off the top of my head. Sort of like Billy Butler in Kansas City, can’t play defense too well so just DH him.

    That’s why I don’t get why they traded LaPorta vs. Gamel. Gamel is a much better fit for the AL (not that LaPorta is a great defensive force or anything). Must just like him better.

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