News and Notes: “Rafael Fur-real?”

Furcal continues to spin his agents wrong doings (Malingering/Flickr).

Furcal continues to spin his agent's wrong doings (Malingering/Flickr).

• The Pittsburgh Pirates have reached a three-year deal with catcher Ryan Doumit that will lock him up through his arbitration years. Last year Doumit had a fantastic year out of nowhere hitting .318/.356/.501 with 15 homers and 69 RBI. While my former MVN co-worker Cory Humes at Pirate Revolution believes the Pirates should trade Doumit (or hear his podcast about it), I personally believe that Doumit is an example of the type of player they need to begin to build around. With players like Andrew McCutchen and Pedro Alvarez coming up through the system as well other bright youngsters the Bucs need to start now rather than continuing to hit the “reset” button. I do however agree 100% with Humes that the Pirates should sign slugger Adam Dunn as part of the solution.

You know what you will get with Dunn (SD Dirk/Flickr).

You know what you will get with Dunn (SD Dirk/Flickr).

• Speaking of the giant slugger Adam Dunn, why aren’t more teams interested in bringing him aboard this winter? Yes I know he had a strikeout rate of 25.9% last season and yes I know he won’t be winning any Gold Gloves in the outfield any time soon, but who couldn’t use his presence in the lineup? While his career average is .247, more importantly his career on-base is .381 and career slugging at .518. Plus you know he will be healthy and you will get 40 homers and 100+ RBI. So why do I keep hearing about teams not too interested in him or preferring a player who is a head case and will most likely miss 20-40 games a year? I would personally rather have Dunn or Pat Burrell over both Bobby Abreu and Milton Bradley. Call me crazy.

• I’ve already covered the Mark Teixeira saga enough on here by discussing where his options are as well as my annoyance about all the back and forth about who’s in and who’s out. I really hope Jon Heyman’s report on Teixeira’s decision coming by Christmas day is true as I can’t take much more. I think the scorecard has the Orioles, Nationals, Red Sox, Bears, Knicks and three teams from the WNBA as the top contenders.

• The New York Yankees and pitcher Chien-Ming Wang have avoided salary arbitration and agreed to a one-year, $5 million contract thus insuring the Yankees the first ever 11-man starting rotation heading into the 2009 season. Awesome.

• And finally more on the Furcal vs. Braves situation as Furcal continues to lie about his agent’s dirty tricks. Even our poll on this site last week showed 100% of people believe Furcal and his agents screwed the Braves. Just stop talking about it Furcal, we know its not true.

By Matthew Whipps
The Diamond Cutter
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6 Responses to News and Notes: “Rafael Fur-real?”

  1. Matthew says:

    This whole Adam Dunn thing has got me all riled up. I was talking to a bunch of baseball people yesterday, last night and even already this morning about why teams don’t want to have anything to do with Adam Dunn.

    I still don’t get it. How many other players can you name that have put up averages of (I haven’t crunched the actual numbers but it is around this) 40+ homers, 100+ RBI, 100 runs, 100 BB and an OBP of around .385 or so? I can probably count the number of players on one hand.

    Look for a column from me here in the next day or so about this topic as I have had some pretty good debates with people about this.

    What do you guys think?

  2. Mike says:

    Well the Yankees got Teixera. However, they are still a 3rd place team. No defense outside of Tex is a big deal and their bullpen is shaky outside Rivera.

  3. Yeah they are either going to need to score 8 runs a night or else their starters will need to go 8 innings to survive.

  4. Mike says:

    I absolutely agree about Dunn. Funny, but I thought OBPS and slugging percentages were important!

    I’d like to know why the Brave’s can’t decide not to ever do business with Arn Tellem & Company ever again. Isn’t this a free market?? Now, I understand they couldn’t rally other teams around this decision, but why can’t they avoid doing business with these guys based solely on their past business practices?? Does the CBA really protect these morons??

  5. Mike says:

    Teixeira to the Yankees???? I just threw up in my mouth…..

    Let’s just fit it all into one press conference- bring Lowe, Ramirez and Fuentes in with Teixeira and trade Peavy to them for Igawa. We should probably even let them start each game with a 1-run lead and when they’re at home, the visiting team is only allowed 8 innings to hit.

    As an A’s fan, I’m sort of used to this, but I am rather tired of watching a new star come up through the system (Pick any of about 28 systems) and wonder how long it will be before they play for the Yankees or Red Sox….Pardon me while I click my heels three times and repeat…Revenue sharing, revenue sharing, revenue sharing….

  6. I agree 100% with you on the Braves situation. Boycott them!

    Actually I think we should just contract the rest of the AL and just let the Yankees take whomever they want from those teams. Either that or let’s just crown them the World Champs for the next 8 years like the media wants to. I mean seriously!

    As a Twins fan I too know your pain. I just wish the league set a hard salary cap like the NFL did so we didn’t have to worry about all this ridiculous salary differences. It’s totally unfair playing fields.

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