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Just a few quick updates today that I’m wedging in between Corey Hart‘s “Getting to Know You” and one on Robinson Cano that will be up later today.

– I have received tons of emails from readers wondering when my top 100 list will be released. Originally it was scheduled for February 29 but due to Baseball Digest Daily bringing me aboard as a columnist and the fact that I am still fine tuning the list, it will now be released this Friday March 14. Sorry for the delay as I know many of you were expecting it. March 14 will also mark the return of the daily updated top 25 prospect list that I began last year. I took it down yesterday to get it ready for the 2008 season.

– With my signing on with Baseball Digest Daily I now have press credentials at the Metrodome in Minneapolis where I will have access to the home and visitor clubhouse, dugout and locker room as well as the field before and after games to conduct interviews with players and coaches from all around Major League Baseball. This is an incredible opportunity and I can’t wait to start bringing a whole new world here to “The Diamond Cutter.”

– I’ve already received a lot of positive feedback regarding the new series here entitled “Getting to Know You” where I take a look at some of the lesser known and publicized stars in Major League Baseball. I love to get feedback on anything here so please keep it coming! But if you would like to see any players profiled in that series or even in the series “Scouting Snapshot” (scouting reports on bigger stars such as Russell Martin and Troy Tulowitzki) please don’t hesitate letting me know.

If you ever have questions or comments, again my email is

Catch my “Diamond Cutter” column now featured on Baseball Digest Daily or my column “Twins Killings” every day only on the Most Valuable Network.

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