Diamond Cutter Update

After taking a month off from writing here as well as my daily column, I am finally back and as refreshed as ever. The time away for the holidays to spend with my family as well as just try to decompress has done wonders as we here at “The Diamond Cutter” gear up for the stretch run before pitchers and catchers report. This means a lot of Major League and prospect coverage that needs to be crammed in before players start taking the field to prepare for the 2008 season.

During my time away I didn’t just cast baseball to the side. I used that time to work on compiling the first ever “Diamond Cutter Top 100” list. While I’ve had the top 25 list for a few years now, doing a top 100 list for the first time is very time consuming as well as exhausting search as I want to make sure it is in perfect shape for its grand release. I’m shooting for a late February release (just as pitchers and catchers begin reporting) so time is running out!

Between now and then I will be tossing out organizational top 10 lists as well as other baseball and prospect related goodies. So in the meantime, if you have anything you’d like to see or comments on anything, please don’t hesitate letting me know by commenting on here or emailing me at mwhipps@mvn.com or mlbdiamondcutter@gmail.com.

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