The Diamond Cutter vs. just finished presenting their top 50 prospect list heading into the 2008 season. Today I thought it would be fun to take a look at their top 25 and see how theirs compared to my top 25 list. While there are some players we ranked quite differently, we seem to be in the same ballpark on most. Here’s a look:

Official List Official List
1.) Jay Bruce 1.) Jay Bruce
2.) Clay Buchholz 2.) Evan Longoria
3.) Cameron Maybin 3.) Cameron Maybin
4.) David Price 4.) Clayton Kershaw
5.) Evan Longoria 5.) Joba Chamberlain
6.) Joba Chamberlain 6.) Clay Buchholz
7.) Clayton Kershaw 7.) Colby Rasmus
8.) Colby Rasmus 8.) Andrew McCutchen
9.) Ian Kennedy 9.) Homer Bailey
10.) Homer Bailey 10.) Adam Miller
11.) Andrew McCutchen 11.) David Price
12.) Jacoby Ellsbury 12.) Wade Davis
13.) Jacob McGee 13.) Jacoby Ellsbury
14.) Rick Porcello 14.) Rick Porcello
15.) Travis Snider 15.) Travis Snider
16.) Carlos Gonzalez 16.) Franklin Morales
17.) Brandon Wood 17.) Fernando Martinez
18.) Reid Brignac 18.) Nick Adenhart
19.) Johnny Cueto 19.) Brandon Wood
20.) Josh Vitters 20.) Jacob McGee
21.) Mike Moustakas 21.) Matt Wieters
22.) Andy LaRoche 22.) Mike Moustakas
23.) Jeff Clement 23.) Carlos Gonzalez
24.) Daric Barton 24.) Gio Gonzalez
25.) Fernando Martinez 25.) Eric Hurley

As you can see we are pretty close for the most part. The biggest difference seems to be how we both view Yankees pitcher Ian Kennedy. MiLB doesn’t even include Kennedy in their top 25 as they have him just missing at number 26. I however have him nestled in at number nine. Part of the reason many overlook Kennedy is due to the hype of Phil Hughes and the giant splash Joba Chamberlain made last season. MiLB also mentions how they feel he will most likely begin 2008 in Triple-A due to the possible crowded Yankee rotation. But if Andy Pettite retires, Roger Clemens doesn’t return and depending on the Phil Hughes/Johan Santana trade situation, the Yankees may need Kennedy to step in as a number five starter.

The other glaring difference is how we view Cincinnati Reds pitcher Johnny Cueto. While I have him ranked at number 19, MiLB barely has him cracking the top 50 at number 47. I couldn’t really tell by their synopsis why he was so low, but I’m guessing it may have something to do with Jay Bruce and Homer Bailey garnering all the attention. Regardless of why, Cueto isn’t far off from Bailey’s level of talent. He’s still very young and has some great pitches that the Reds organization can take their time developing. Look for him to force their hands as he shoots through their system in no time.

Over all I thought MiLB did a nice job with their rankings. I question a lot more of their choices than I thought I would but when you have something as subjective as evaluating talent you are bound to have difference of opinions. They really didn’t make me rethink any of my choices or my scouting reports but it was nice to hear their “professional” opinions. As always don’t hesitate letting me know how you felt about our lists by emailing me at

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3 Responses to The Diamond Cutter vs.

  1. Dave says:

    Are you concerned by Maybin’s MLB performance in 2007?

  2. […] at The Diamond Cutter compares his top 25 prospect list to MiLB’s top 25 thatwas released recently as a part of their top 50 […]

  3. Hey Dave, I’ve actually had a lot of people ask me that question. I was able to see Maybin play quite a bit, and the biggest thing I noticed was that he was way too over-anxious at the plate.

    Maybin was called up in the midst of a playoff chase in Detroit and right from his first at bat he seemed to be swinging for the fence on every pitch. While Maybin isn’t necessarily known for his keen eye at the plate, he does have better control than he displayed last season. Look for a big improvement in Florida.

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