Santana in Pinstripes?

Since this is a hot topic, I thought that I would post something I wrote in my Minnesota Twins column about the Johan Santana trade talks between the Twins and the Yankees. I generally don’t link up my posts from my column “Twins Killings” on here in order to keep some separation but I figured anytime there are trade talks involving the best pitcher in baseball, its worth mentioning. Here’s a look:

There have been many reports bouncing around about the Minnesota Twins in trade talks with the New York Yankees about the best pitcher in the world, Johan Santana. just posted an article here discussing the situation. We all knew this would be an inevitable case as there was very little hope that the Twins would pony up the large pile of cash that Santana would require. I’ve mentioned on here for months that if the Twins weren’t going to knuckle up in the Santana sweepstakes that they needed to trade him before the season started. It looks like that now will be the case even despite the Twins having a large amount of salary space with the departure of center fielder Torii Hunter late last week…

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