…And We’re All Tied Up!

As I mentioned the other day, the National League has been the exciting one to watch here in 2007. The hunt for October continues to throw new twists and turns at us, and in turn, has provided us some of the most exciting races in recent memory.

There are only three days left in the 2007 regular season and we still don’t have any NL teams that have locked themselves into a playoff spot. The Mets and Cubs thought they had it until recent meltdowns have stumbled both clubs allowing their division rivals (who have been nipping at their heels all summer long) to make things very interesting.

In the NL Central, the Chicago Cubs are reeling from their beat-down at the hands of the pesky Florida Marlins and have lost their last three. Unfortunately for the Milwaukee Brewers they too have run into some problems losing two straight and posting a 4-6 record over the last 10 games. They have had their chance to overtake the Cubbies but just have not pulled the trigger. Right now the Cubs hold a commanding (well, commanding for the NL divisions) 2 game lead. This is the largest division lead in the National League right now.

Now we move on to taking a look at how the NL West is doing. With what can only be described as the biggest surprises of 2007, the Arizona Diamondbacks and Colorado Rockies have been battling the San Diego Padres all season for the division out West and not the Los Angeles Dodgers as everyone predicted. Right now the D-Backs hold a one game lead over the Padres and a two game lead over the Rockies. Despite losing two of their outfielders (Cameron and Bradley), the Padres continue to win when everyone (including myself) thought this would surely sink them. They have rattled off a crucial three game winning streak. But if you think that’s impressive, look no further than the Rockies and their current 11-game winning streak. Nobody can deny that this has by far been the most exciting race in all of baseball this season.

Which brings us to our closest race in all of baseball, the NL East. Last night the Philadelphia Phillies finally caught up and tied the New York Mets for the division lead. This is in large part to Philadelphia’s 7-3 record over the last ten games and New York’s current four game losing streak. What is even scarier for the Mets, is that despite being tied for the division lead, if for some reason the season ended right now, they wouldn’t even win the wild card (excellent segue).

Rather than explaining the wild card race, I’ll leave you today with a look at the current situation. Because nothing I say can properly describe just what an intense battle this weekend will be for this handful of teams…

San Diego Padres (88-71) GB: –
New York Mets* (87-72) GB: 1
Colorado Rockies (87-72) GB: 1
Philadelphia Phillies* (87-72) GB: 1

* = Division Leader (tied)

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