Back and Better than Ever!

I just wanted to make the announcement that I will be back here at “The Diamond Cutter” writing about the great sport of baseball. While I do have my hands full writing my two columns over at, “Twins Killings” and “Twins in the Hole,” I am limited to writing about my favorite team, the Minnesota Twins.

While writing about my hometown team has always been my ultimate goal, I am still first and foremost a fan of the game of baseball. So when I have something to say about anything else baseball related, I will be coming straight here.

One of the big reasons I am coming back in my top prospects coverage. I have been receiving a lot of emails from readers who used to come here and my old column at “Minor Details” for my prospect coverage. Since I don’t want to take on any more at Most Valuable Network, I decided to bring it back here at “The Diamond Cutter” where it all began. Not only because I owe it to the blog that got my name out there, but also because if I’m not able to churn out a column everyday here, I won’t have one of my bosses pressing me to hit a deadline!

While I’m not sure the amount I will be writing on here, rest assured it will be about 3-4 times a week at least. Also as I state on the “Top Prospects” section (the tabs at the top of the page) I plan to roll out my new and improved list of the top 25 prospects in all of baseball after the final pitch of this year’s World Series. While I will continue to update the rankings weekly, all of it will be even more in-depth than every before. I also hope to add a section of future prospects where I will dab a little into the world of college baseball to see what we have coming down the pipeline.

I’m very excited to dust off this old baby and get my hands dirty in the world of baseball and prospects again. Like the old saying goes, always remember who brought you to the dance.


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