June 5, 2007

I had to share this with you all in case you hadn’t already seen it:

Cardinal Sin

June 3, 2007

I, as many Cubs fans have this season, have watched the beloved $300 million team completely implode upon itself this season. But really, I don’t feel like going into a whole breakdown of why this team full of stacked talent can’t seem to get it right. That could take all day. But what I did want to touch base on is the disgusting act we saw in the game yesterday between the Cubs and the Braves.

Carlos Zambrano has always been a hot-head and pre-Madonna, but his actions towards his catcher and teammate Michael Barrett was horrible. Barrett let a passed ball get by him and then threw the ball into left field allowing a run to score. Zambrano went on to call out his catcher and embarrass him in front of his teammates in the dugout following the inning (check out the video below)

As a former catcher I can tell you if there is one thing you don’t do when you are a pitcher, its talk that way to your catcher. They are your life line out there. They are your best friend. They are supposed to be your battery mate. Now nothing like this ever happened to me during my many years as a catcher. Don’t get me wrong, I caught for many pitchers who thought way too much of themselves and who I did not like at all, but you have to put that stuff aside, even in times of hardship like the Cubbies are going through right now. I honestly don’t know what will happen from here. Will Barrett catch for Zambrano again anytime soon? How will the other catchers on the team react to this?

All I know is that everytime I turn around, the Chicago Cubs are doing something else to make a nightmare season even worse.

(Oh and it’s good to be back home at the Diamond Cutter. Even if it is only part time for now.)