The Johan Santana Award

I received some emails and comments about my pick for Johan Santana to repeat as Cy Young and if he can actually win it again. He’s already won it two of the past three seasons (should have won it the other time but the voters got it wrong and named Bartolo Colon in 2005) and I don’t see why he wouldn’t win it again. Take a look at the stats he’s put up the past three seasons:

04 20-6 2.61 34 228.0 54 265 0.92
05 16-7 2.87 33 231.2 45 238 0.97
06 19-6 2.77 34 233.2 47 245 1.00
TTL 55-19 2.76 101 692.4 146 748 0.97

Not only are his combined stats over the past three seasons much better than anyone else in baseball, they are consistently incredible every year and not just skewed by one or maybe two good years. Until someone else steps up and puts up year after year of numbers like this (or even one season for that matter), I’m just going to pencil him in as the annual winner. In fact, I’ll go one step further and just change the name of the award to the Johan Santana award.

What do you think?

(And don’t forget to check out Johan and Joe Nathan’s commercial that runs here in Minnesota)


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