2007 AL Awards

Here’s a quick glance at my predictions of who is going to take home some hardware after this season. I also threw in a couple of other predictions at the end. What do you think?

AL MVP: Travis Hafner

AL Cy Young: Johan Santana

AL ROY: Alex Gordon

AL Manager: Eric Wedge

Breakthrough Performer: Howie Kendrick

Biggest Comeback: Jon Lester


5 Responses to 2007 AL Awards

  1. Matthew says:

    Sorry for the huge delay in posts (both here and on my Minor Details column). I’ve had a very busy week!!!

  2. The Lady says:

    Another Cy Young for Santana? Hmmmm, Red Sox fans might have something to say about that (Dice-K).

  3. Matthew says:

    It’s hard to pick someone else for Cy Young. He should have won it the last three years in a row (instead of the last 2 of 3) but the stupid sports writers gave it to Bartolo Colon. He’s the best pitcher in baseball so until someone proves that otherwise, gotta give the nod to him!

  4. sappelhans says:

    Lester is the obvious feel-good pick for comeback player of the year. I’ve got Eric Gagne for my pick.

  5. Matthew says:

    Ohhhhh very good pick. Now that you mention it, I think you may be right about that.

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