Fanatic Fantasy

March 31, 2007

I’ve had quite a few people email me over the past few weeks asking me how my fantasy baseball team looks this year. Well let me first start off telling you that my dreams of finding a group of people up to the task of playing a fantasy baseball keeper league were finally fulfilled. The company that I write my minor league baseball column “Minor Details” for (Most Valuable Network – put together a fantasy keeper league. There are 16 teams (all 16 are fellow baseball columnists that work for MVN) and each team has 20 roster spots. Needless to say it was a long draft.

Some more details are that it is split into two leagues of 8 teams (American and National League), it is head to head, we use the typical 5X5 scoring, and we are each allowed to keep 5 players each year. I had the 8th overall pick so I was dead center in the middle of each round. Here’s how my team (the Flux Capacitors) shaped up after our draft last weekend:

C – Gerald Laird, TEX
1B – Jason Giambi, NYY
2B – Chase Utley, PHI (1st pick)
3B – Adrian Beltre, SEA
SS – Orlando Cabrera, LAA
OF – Johnny Damon, NYY
CF – Andrew Jones, ATL (2nd pick)
OF – Raul Ibanez, SEA
UTL – Mike Jacobs, FLA

BENCH – Cameron Maybin (my last pick, I couldn’t pass up)
BENCH – Jose Guillen, SEA

SP – Jake Peavy, SD
SP – Daisuke Matsuzaka, BOS
P – Brett Myers, PHI
P – Boof Bonser, MIN
P – Juan Rincon, MIN
RP – Takashi Saito, LAD
RP – Ryan Dempster, CHC

BENCH – Mike Pelfrey, NYM
BENCH – Andrew Miller, DET
BENCH – Jon Garland, CHW

DL – Pedro Martinez, NYM

A few notes about my team. I think considering the number of teams and roster spots (and after looking at the other teams) that I came away with a very solid draft. I was able to get some very good players who went under radars late in the draft (Beltre, Guillen, and Ibanez – all Mariners oddly enough) and a couple of young guys with my last two picks (Maybin and Miller – both Tigers) who I didn’t have to blow higher picks with and have great keeper possibility. I am also very please with my rotation. I love the Peavy/Matsuzaka/Myers triad as well as my other options. I do worry about my closer situation but I went in with the thought that I did not want to draft pitchers high – especially closers – and I stuck to my guns. I will make sure to watch the waiver wire closely as there are usually always new closers that pop up each year. And finally, my big transaction. I picked up Pedro as a free agent and threw him on to my empty DL slot just in case the old Pedro returns this summer. In that case I just picked up a free ace to add to my already solid staff.

Please let me know what you think of my team and draft. I’m alway interested in what others think. Also if for some reason you haven’t drafted in your league yet, stop on by my column I wrote about fantasy baseball keeper drafts and how you should handle prospects. The column is called “Living in a Fantasy World” and I think you’ll like it.

2007 AL Playoff Picture/World Series

March 30, 2007

West: Los Angeles Angels
Central: Detroit Tigers
East: Boston Red Sox
Wild Card: Minnesota Twins

Minnesota Twins vs. Boston Red Sox
Los Angeles Angels vs. Detroit Tigers

Detroit Tigers vs. Boston Red Sox

Boston Red Sox

Philadelphia Phillies vs. Boston Red Sox

Boston Red Sox

2007 NL Playoff Picture

March 25, 2007

Here’s a look at my predictions for the 2007 NL playoff picture based on my division picks:

West: Los Angeles Dodgers
Central: Chicago Cubs
East: Philadelphia Phillies
Wild Card: New York Mets

New York Mets vs. Philadelphia Phillies
Chicago Cubs vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

Chicago Cubs vs. Philadelphia Phillies

Philadelphia Phillies


On another note I just wanted to mention I am currently breaking down my top 25 prospects on my minor league baseball column Minor Details over at It was popular here so I have moved it over there and tinkered with it a little bit. Let me know what you think!

The Johan Santana Award

March 17, 2007

I received some emails and comments about my pick for Johan Santana to repeat as Cy Young and if he can actually win it again. He’s already won it two of the past three seasons (should have won it the other time but the voters got it wrong and named Bartolo Colon in 2005) and I don’t see why he wouldn’t win it again. Take a look at the stats he’s put up the past three seasons:

04 20-6 2.61 34 228.0 54 265 0.92
05 16-7 2.87 33 231.2 45 238 0.97
06 19-6 2.77 34 233.2 47 245 1.00
TTL 55-19 2.76 101 692.4 146 748 0.97

Not only are his combined stats over the past three seasons much better than anyone else in baseball, they are consistently incredible every year and not just skewed by one or maybe two good years. Until someone else steps up and puts up year after year of numbers like this (or even one season for that matter), I’m just going to pencil him in as the annual winner. In fact, I’ll go one step further and just change the name of the award to the Johan Santana award.

What do you think?

(And don’t forget to check out Johan and Joe Nathan’s commercial that runs here in Minnesota)

2007 AL Awards

March 16, 2007

Here’s a quick glance at my predictions of who is going to take home some hardware after this season. I also threw in a couple of other predictions at the end. What do you think?

AL MVP: Travis Hafner

AL Cy Young: Johan Santana

AL ROY: Alex Gordon

AL Manager: Eric Wedge

Breakthrough Performer: Howie Kendrick

Biggest Comeback: Jon Lester


March 11, 2007

Yesterday’s Red Sox vs. Tigers spring training game almost had a bench clearing brawl break out (click here). That got me thinking it was time to unroll the video below of some of baseball’s best fights. Enjoy.

2007 NL Awards

March 9, 2007

Here’s a quick glance at my predictions of who is going to take home some hardware after this season. I also threw in a couple of other predictions at the end. What do you think?

NL MVP: Albert Pujols

NL Cy Young: Carlos Zambrano

NL ROY: Chris Young

NL Manager: Bob Melvin

Breakthrough Performer: Cole Hamels

Biggest Comeback: Derrek Lee