Manny Faces

There has been a lot of chatter the past couple of days about Manny Ramirez and his lackadaisical attitude towards his responsibilities as a professional ball player. Sure the way he carries himself isn’t exactly the conventional way, but the fact that people are surprised by his recent actions just doesn’t make sense to me.

For years now the Boston Red Sox, Red Sox Nation, and the media have known this is who Manny is. Sometime Manny gets caught up in his own world and can flake out a bit. But you know what? When you have someone as talented as Mr. Ramirez, you take the good with the bad. The Red Sox knew when they gave him that long-term contract what kind of personality he had and accepted that knowing full well that he also brought you a yearly average of about .320, 35-40 home runs, and about 120-130 RBI. Not only that but his teammates love him (other than the flaking out) and he is beloved by Sox fans everywhere.

2006 .321 79 35 102 .439 .619 1058
Career .314 1258 470 1516 .411 .600 1011

Now I’m in no way defending what Manny does when he pulls this kind of stuff on his team, but I am saying that no one should be this surprised. While I am a bit biased being a Sox fan and the fact that Manny has always been one of my favorite players, I can look at this logically and tell you that the old saying “Manny being Manny” isn’t just some random adage.

It’s a way of life.


One Response to Manny Faces

  1. Christine E. says:

    Good points, all…and while I am not the least bit suprised–I am aggravated.

    Perhaps if Manny hadn’t quit on the team at the end of the season (my opinion) I would be a bit more forgiving and let “Manny be Manny”–but after last year, then the demanding of a trade or he wont show up in the spring, and now the showing up a week late into Spring Training (We hope)–it’s like he is just rubbing salt in the wound…

    Less than a week to an actual GAME–just an exhibition, but a game nonetheless!

    Go Sox!

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