A Pirates Life For Me

Just a quick announcement today. Beginning this Monday February 26, I will be joining “Pittsburgh Lumber Co.” each Monday for a weekly discussion about the Pittsburgh Pirates.

I’m very excited to be part of their very popular and thought provoking series “Pittsburgh Pirates Roundtable.” I will be joining other knowledgeable baseball writers and bloggers who have a wealth of knowledge about the Pirates organization.

When Cory Humes (Director of Baseball at Most Valuable Network and baseball writer for “Pittsburgh Lumber Co.”, “A New Pirates Generation“, and the new Pirates minor league site, “Sandlot Swashbucklers“) contacted me regarding joining the panel, I jumped at the opportunity. They do a great job at MVN and I am very excited to join them in discussing what is sure to be a big year for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

So please take some time and check out their links (as always they are listed to the right under the “Blogroll”) and I’ll make sure to let you know each Monday as a reminder of where to check out what I have to say about the Bucs.

Thanks again everyone for all your support!


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  2. Pittsburgh says:


    You Better See Me..;)

  3. Pittsburgh says:


    Come And Get Me…

  4. Pittsburgh says:


    Come And Get Some Baby..;)

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