You’re How Old?

I came across a story from about the Indians’ recent Fantasy Camp that just completed. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

On the last day of the Indians’ recently completed Fantasy Camp in Winter Haven, Fla., eight teams of campers faced a team of former Indians big-leaguers. Hall of Famer Bob Feller faced 24 batters — the first three batters from each of the eight teams — and allowed four hits.

Feller, 88, threw from the required distance of 60 feet, 6 inches.

His defense included Max Alvis at first, Davey Nelson at second, Pat Tabler at shortstop, Brook Jacoby at third, catcher Kevin Rhomberg, Rick Manning in center, Cory Snyder in left and Joe Charboneau in right.

That’s pretty impressive for an 88 year old. That had to be a thrill for those young players (the ones who have heard of him) to face off against a Hall of Famer. Hopefully this experience knocked any “cocky” young players down a peg or two.


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