Hall of Fame Shame

Just like everybody else, I was all prepared to write my annual Hall of Fame post and a list of who I would vote for if given the opportunity. In fact this morning I had my list ready and just needed to write a little bit about each player and why I believe their careers should be memorialized amongst the careers of the greatest players of all time. Then after my morning scan of espn.com this morning, I realized that I didn’t have to write it any longer.

You see espn.com writer Jayson Stark not only chose the exact same players I was going to write about, but he also used all of my arguments in this article he wrote. Almost word for word. So rather than repeat everything he said (and run the risk of being accused of plagiarism or stealing his ideas) I have decided to direct you all to his column and simply say “ditto.”

What I will reiterate is that it is a shame that this list of players still haven’t been voted in yet. During their periods they were the most dominant in baseball and deserve the respect they have earned. Hopefully the voters start to see this and can be convinced it is the right thing to do.

So while it looks like I’ve gotten off easy this year when it comes to a Hall of Fame discussion, think of it as me just saving my strength for what will no doubt be an exhausting Barry Bonds discussion in a few years.


One Response to Hall of Fame Shame

  1. F U says:

    For starters, I am sad that you think Mr. Mark should be in the Hall of Fame. I know it still takes talent to do what he did, steroids or not, but he obviously used them (and thus cheated). So let me say this… if Pete Rose can’t be in the Hall of Fame, then nobody should.

    Except Bert Blyleven. Okay, I believe that Cal and Tony should be in the Hall… but why now? Why not vote in the others that deserve it before they die? It’s become such a popularity contest it’s annoying. Bert would probably say “FUCK that!”

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