The Three Wise Men

Who would have thunk it? The three most dominating pitchers so far this season have a combined age of 113. Who you ask? The names of Curt Schilling, Pedro Martinez, and Greg Maddux should ring a bell. After all, they are three first ballot Hall of Famers that have been dominating for years. In fact, these are 3 of the top 5 best pitchers of the live ball era (the other two being Roger Clemens and Randy Johnson) and they are still continuing to leave their mark on the game. Take a look at these numbers they have put up thus far through their first four starts:

Curt Schilling: 4-0 / 1.61 ERA / 23 SO / .172 BAA / 0.75 WHIP / AGE 39
Pedro Martinez: 4-0 / 3.04 ERA / 28 SO / .162 BAA / 0.94 WHIP / AGE 34
Greg Maddux: 4-0 / 0.99 ERA / 18 SO / .163 BAA / 0.73 WHIP / AGE 40

What makes these numbers even more impressive is all the talk during and after last season about how these three men were on down slides of their careers. Schilling had injury problems that kept him out of the rotation most the season until he came back as Boston’s closer, Martinez has lost velocity on his dominating fastball, and Maddux really didn’t seem to have his magical stuff as a inconsistent season plagued him.

But this season none of those seem to be factors. I’ve had the distinct pleasure of watching two of Maddux’s starts, three of Schilling’s starts, and all four of Pedro’s starts. From a first hand account I’ve loved every inning of it. Schilling doesn’t show any signs of slowing down and has done a great job of getting ahead of hitters, Martinez has lost some velocity on his fastballs but has been doing a great job of keeping hitters off balance with the rest of his stuff, and Maddux’s pitches seem to be dancing again like his days when he was back with the Atlanta Braves.

It’s great to see these guys having success even after all this time so enjoy each of their starts now as there’s really no telling how much longer we’ll get to see them.


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