Windy City Is Blown Apart

The Chicago Cubs luck just got a whole lot worse.

Not only have they continued to have injury issues with two of their aces Kerry Wood and Mark Prior, but there’s that little issue of no World Series titles in a few years (I won’t cause Cubs fans any additional pain and mention the VERY large number of years). Now, as I’m sure you’ve heard, the center piece to their team and franchise player, Derrek Lee is out for upwards of two months. Ouch.

A lot of people are going on and on about how this will effect their team having his great presence and numbers in that lineup. Sure that’s true, there’s no way they can replace him with the likes of Todd Walker at first base, no one is denying that. But what people are missing to see is the effect it will have on others in the lineup. Juan Pierre will be stranded on base more. Aramis Ramirez, Jacque Jones, and Michael Barrett will see fewer quality pitches. Basically everyone in that lineup will have to try and pick up the slack. It’s the equivalent to Boston losing David Ortiz or St. Louis losing Albert Pujols. It’s simply that crushing.

Bottom line is that there will be no giant threat in the heart of that Chicago lineup and that will hurt this team fast and furious. All they can hope to do at this point is hope they can keep it all together for the time he’s out and not completely sink to the bottom of the NL Central.

Unfortunately it’s going to be a long Spring and first part of the Summer for Cubs fans. Good thing they are used to this kind of abuse.


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